The nim-beacon-chain book

Documentation for Nimbus beacon chain users and developers.

The Nimbus beacon chain is a research implementation of the Beacon Chain – the core system level chain at the heart of Ethereum 2.0.


In this book, we will cover:

  1. An introduction to the beacon chain and Nimbus to equip you with some basic knowledge.
  2. Installation steps outlining the prerequisites to get started.
  3. Become a Medalla validator: If you generated your signing key using the eth2 launchpad, and wish to import it into the Nimbus client, this page is for you.
  4. How to run the beacon node software to sync the beacon chain.
  5. How to generate keys, deposit, and become a validator in eth2.
  6. The API for monitoring your node through http.
  7. Advanced usage for developers.
  8. Common questions and answers to satisfy your curiosity.
  9. How to contribute to this book.

Feel free to give us feedback on how to improve :)

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This documentation assumes Nimbus is in its ideal state. The project is still under active development. Please submit a Github issue if you come across a problem.