Style []

We strive to follow NEP-1 for style matters - naming, capitalization, 80-character limit etc. Common places where deviations happen include:

  • Code based on external projects
    • Wrappers / FFI
    • Implementations of specs that have their own naming convention
    • Ports from other languages
  • Small differences due to manual formatting
  • Aligned indents - we prefer python-style hanging indent for in multiline code
    • This is to avoid realignments when changes occur on the first line. The extra level of indentation is there to clearly distinguish itself as a continuation line.
func someLongFunctinName(
    alsoLongVariableName: int) = # Double-indent
  discard # back to normal indent

  if someLongCondition and
      moreLongConditions: # Double-indent
    discard # back to normal indent

Practical notes

  • We do not use nimpretty - as of writing (Nim 1.6), it is not stable enough for daily use:
    • Can break working code
    • Naive formatting algorithm
  • We do not make use of Nim's "flexible" identifier names - all uses of an identifier should match the declaration in capitalization and underscores
    • Enable --styleCheck:usages and, where feasible, --styleCheck:error