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  1. embark run (optional --nodashboard)
  2. yarn start (starts create-react-app pipeline)

Running Tabookey Gas Relayer (no docker. For docker, see their README)

  1. Clone v3.0.0 of tabookey-gasless
    git clone
    cd tabookey-gasless
    git checkout 2316c7422d50ac0242f8442f6dc98d0c85512c13
    npm install
    npm test
  2. Run the server. (Embark must be running, and it should have deployed the RelayHub contract)
    ./build/server/bin/RelayHttpServer -RelayHubAddress RELAY_HUB_CONTRACT_ADDRESS_HERE -Workdir ./build/server --EthereumNodeUrl http://localhost:8555

    Replace the RelayHub contract address for the correct address.

  3. Browse http://localhost:8090/getaddr. Copy the address

  4. Stake ether for that address. You can execute this in the embark console:
    RelayHub.methods.stake(RELAYER_ADDRESS_GOES_HERE, 30).send({value: web3.utils.toWei("1", "ether"), gas:800000}) 
  5. Send some ether to the relayer
    web3.eth.sendTransaction({from: web3.eth.defaultAccount, to: RELAYER_ADDRESS_GOES_HERE, value: web3.utils.toWei("3", "ether")})
  6. Relayer should register itself now that there’s a stake. Otherwise restart the server


  1. embark build testnet
  2. yarn run build